Outsider Artist- self-taught
"Balance & Harmony in Nature"

Clifford Ostrover was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 18, 1948.  While growing up he loved to draw with colored pencils, but never encouraged, he stopped before his teens.  In the 1960's and 70's, living in San Francisco, New York and Coconut Grove, Fla., he spent a great deal of time with many of the local artists.  He was introduced to Impressionism and Surrealism, learned about colors and techniques, and about the freedom of expression through the Arts.  He also learned about and experienced the feeling of creativity.  This is what first drove Cliff to explore art.  He studied with Al Lagunero and Julian Ritter as well as having been inspired by many other well known artists, such as Coleman, Wyland and others.  Mostly, though, he was self-taught.

As a result of his life experiences, Cliff paints environmental and landscape art, depicting the natural balance found in nature.  As he continues to find himself further drawn to exploring the Spiritual harmony that exists in nature, he works to express these feelings and sensations through his art.  His paintings are his vision of this natural Spiritual Harmony, with and without man's influence.

While living on Maui he was inspired to paint several different series of watercolors and oils including his  "Scenes from Paradise",  "Views of Paradise",  "Japanese Gardens", and  "Water Lily Ponds"  that depict his experiences and views.  He returned to mainland Florida for a short while and there he added to his repertoire an underwater and sea life series (Manatees, Porpoises, etc.), which he hopes depicts the undisturbed natural habitats and natural beauty of life beneath the sea.

In his use of watercolor, Cliff utilizes a unique application of pigments, giving depth and texture to their colors that is seldom found in this medium.  In his oil and acrylic paintings, he uses a combination of materials (polymers, gels, etc.) that bring about an actual dimensional look;  then adds a leaf, stick, stone, etc. to each.  These processes help Cliff to create his own unique expression of Nature.


phone:        808 283-1037
address:     1135 Makawao Ave., suite 233
                 Makawao, Maui, Hi. 96768